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Posted By: Bobert
19-Mar-04 - 10:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: Advice for treating bad back.....
Subject: RE: BS: Advice for treating bad back.....

Bob showed me this post and I copied it. It makes a lot of sense and I'll try it this afternoon. (this is my very first post!) Before this bronchitis/strep throat hit three weeks ago, I was walking on the treadmill 3.5 mph 5 days/week and stretching exercises with a video tape inconjunction w/3-5-6 lb. free weights so my darned back shouldn't be so weak! I had laid around trying to get well and think those muscles weakened and yes, it came from taking a light box of firewood from Bob and turning back into the kitchen with it! As a rule, I'm slinging maddocks and shovels and hauling wheelbarrows up and down these hills. This is my first back spasm and it was certainly what it was cracked up to be!

Thank you for taking the time to help me--I promise to methodically do them in return!

Happy Spring1

P-Vine (Eve)