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Posted By: Charley Noble
19-Mar-04 - 02:13 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Hell's Pavement (John Masefield sea poem)
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: HELL'S PAVEMENT (John Masefield)
Well, I've been singing this one through for a couple of days and need to change the 2nd line, get rid of the see/sea. And I'm experimenting with changing the 2nd verse from the 3rd to the 1st person which I think is a net gain although I miss Billy:

Poem by John Masefield
In Salt-Water Poems & Ballads © 1921, p. 25
Arrangement and new words by Charles Ipcar © 2004
Tune: adapted from some Music Hall ditty

Hell's Pavement

"When I'm dis-charged at Liverpool 'n' draws my bit o' pay,
I'll never, never, go to sea no more;
I'll court a pret-ty little lass 'n' have a wed-din' day,
'N' settle down some quiet place a-shore;
I'll never go to sea again a-temptin' Davy Jones,
A-hearkening to the cruel sharks a-hungerin' for my bones;
I'll run a blush-in' dairy-farm or go a-crack-in' stones,
Or buy 'n' keep a little liquor-store."


Oh, I'll never go to sea again to plow the ocean deep,
No more I'll hear "All hands aloft" to stir me from my sleep;
I'll settle down far from the shore, avoid the pier head leap,
I'll never, never, go to sea no more!

They towed her in to Liverpool, we made the hooker fast,
And the copper-bound official paid the crew,
And so I drew my money, but the money didn't last,
For I went and painted Lime Street blue, –
It was rum for Poll, and rum for Nan, and gin for Jolly Jack;
I shipped a week later in the clothes upon my back;
And I had to pinch a little straw, I had to beg a sack
To sleep on, when my watch was through. (CHO)

Any comments?

Charley Noble