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Posted By: lamarca
14-Sep-99 - 11:17 AM
Thread Name: FSGW GETAWAY 99 Program
Subject: RE: FSGW GETAWAY 99 Program
For all our friends who are NOT from "Inside-the-Beltway", HOV-3 is Wahingtonese for Carpool Lane - "High Occupancy Vehicle - 3 person minimum. Other delightful, unexplained signs around here:

"HAZMAT" - any vehicle carrying hazardous materials (do autoharps and accordions count?)
"Weems-Botts Museum" (seen on I-95 before you get to the exit for Prince William Forest) What's a Weem? What's a Bott? Why do we keep them in a museum?

WARNING! WARNING! DANGER! DANGER! The Washington Metro Fairy in Charge of Screwing Up Roadways has embarked on a massive 8-9 year project to "improve" the mess where I-95 departs southward from its role as the east half of the Capital Beltway, otherwise known as the "Springfield Interchange", the "Mixing Bowl" or "#&!!*%%#". This is an area where unwary folks trying to travel I-95 have to instictively know which lane to be in in order to stay on I-95 and not get dumped off into westbound I-495, northbound I-395 or go to the Springfield Shopping Mall. Because of construction, the"correct" lane is changing periodically, so be alert, and watch for whatever pathetic signage the state of Virginia (Motto:We'll get back at you damn Yankees yet!) has in place this week. To get to the Getaway, you do want to stay on I-95 South to Richmond (Richmond is a hard road to travel), so read whatever directions get sent out in advance and expect things to be a bit FUBAR in that area...