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21-Mar-04 - 06:38 PM
Thread Name: Rick Fielding's passing. (March 20, 2004)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding's passing.
Silent Voices
(star of the county down)

In the woods one night, round a fire bright
Were my loved ones, dead and gone,
I stood and stared in the frosty air,
And the moon was pale and drawn;
Oh, they looked at me and smiled at me
And they beckoned me to a chair,
But I stood amazed, in the glowing blaze
And I thought, "Was I really there?"

Oh, their voices rang and the coyotes sang,
And the laughter began to roar.
Round the crackling might of the fire bright
Were the voices I shall hear no more.

"Sit down" they said and I shook my head
To clear the visions of my dream,
But the forms they stayed so I obeyed,
And their eyes began to gleam
They began to sing and the woods to ring,
Twas a song that I heard before,
Oh, in the fiery heat they sounded sweet
The voices I shall hear no more


The coyotes wailed as they told their tales
Of the life upon the range;
I looked around as the flames died down
And the skies began to change.
The mists arose and I watched them go
And my heart grew pale with woe,
With a tearful cry I bade goodbye
To the voices I'll hear no more.


Now among the trees in the wintry breeze
On the paths I walk alone
With great delight I found where the fire bright
Burned red among the stones.
Amidst the storm the coals were warm
From the craic of the night before,
I smiled my friend for in the wind
Whispered the voices I'll hear no more.

Nathan Tompkins