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Posted By: Fortunato
22-Mar-04 - 09:50 PM
Thread Name: An Open Letter to Rick Fielding
Subject: RE: An Open Letter to Rick Fielding
Dear Rick,

The Gallagher cracked. I had a humidifier in there, yes, goddammit. I think John Warden can fix it, it's small. I reckon I played some notes on it with your hands informing mine on Sunday.

You grabbed two chairs and made me sit down and play "Rolling in My Sweet Baby's Arms" the first time we met, just to set the stage. I'll do that with Susette next gig. Oh, and she's quite taken with your version of Ola Belle's High on the Mountain. We'll have to do that one too. I knew Ola Belle slightly, having been up to Rising Sun before she died. She would have liked your version, I believe.

Your 'workshop' cd ain't too bad. Susette and I are listening to Hesitation Blues, a lot. It's a good arrangement.

Old Kendall and you and I and some others had a good jam at the Getaway. I think he's gonna miss you pretty bad. Jed Marum is coming down to see me and play some gigs in DC in April,   I reckon we'll talk about you some.

I never knew if you liked our CD that I sent you. And I never came up to Toronto.

I think catspaw isn't quite as dumb as he could be. I appreciate the opportunity to say these things. I wish I'd been a mite more sober when we jammed at the Getaways, but I think I remember we lifted it up. Oh, well, it'll get better in the remembering. They just don't turn out good pickers like you just all the time. You were all right.

So long, Rick.   Drop in any time. My hands are yours.