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Posted By: Naemanson
23-Mar-04 - 02:05 AM
Thread Name: Rick Fielding's passing. (March 20, 2004)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding's passing.
I've been avoiding this thread. I opened it only to read the first post and a few after that and then left it to let the tears leak. Now I will try.

I only met Rick briefly at Mystic one year. I was so impressed that I blew the last of my meager funds on his cassette. I almost wore it out. I learned songs from it and it led me to other musicians and their music. When I joined Mudcat I realized that Rick was here too. I read his posts and enjoyed his humor and patient teaching. They were some of the high notes of this site. Then I read of his illness and saw how he met it and fought it, and I learned that he had bravery to spare and he was well cared for by our little community.

And now he's gone. Heather, I want you to know you have my deepest sympathy. His departure has torn a hole in the world that no one can easily fill. We are all lessened by this.

Oh hell...