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Posted By: Big Mick
23-Mar-04 - 09:41 AM
Thread Name: An Open Letter to Rick Fielding
Subject: RE: An Open Letter to Rick Fielding
Dear Rick,

I love Spaw's suggestion, and while you are at it would you reserve spawsallassandwheredoistart? for me? I am not sure what Swanno is going to ask for, but I am not sure if the wee fella can get through the gate for the size of that friggin' 'stach of his anyway. And I think he would rather not get in than cut it.

About Lane, Fielding, Patterson and Swan. I realize that you have not been away long, but I got to tell you that it hasn't made much difference. We still ain't doing shit, and doing it well. I am not sure what difference that has made in the bottom line, cause I am too damn lazy to go and check the spreadsheets. But if you want your share of the profits, you are going to have to get a forwarding addy to someone. Spaw ... see if you can figger out who the hell to ask about that. If you need help, call Swanno. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that the last two times I saw you, you were wearing your LFPS zip up sweatshirt. I do love those things!!

I know that you were a bit uncomfortable when people gushed, and I hope you don't mind, but I am going to let these good folks know how absolutely honored you were by the love shown, and the tributes given to you at the CD release a few weeks ago. When I saw you the next day, well, it was as if you couldn't believe that all this had actually been done for you. Seemed to me, and it is my opinion, that you were pretty knocked out by it. It is an awakening to find how much love you have earned, isn't it? And now you really know. Just take it, Fielding, cause you earned it. I can speak as one of the Senior, and founding partners in the firm, we are not going to hold this against you. The simple fact is, pal, that all this is coming because of who you are. You earned it not by intent to earn it, but by intent to walk with integrity, learn from mistakes, and live by a code. Honorable stuff, even for a musician and layabout at large.

BTW, you heard about the three fella's that came to the Pearly Gates, and St. Pete asks the first one, "How much money did you make your last year on earth?" "$250,000", sez the fella. "What did you do for a living?". "I was a CPA", sez he. "Enter Heaven", sez Pete. To the next, the same question. "$175,000" sez yer man, "and I was an Attorney". "Enter Heaven" sez the good Saint. To the third, the same question. "$10,000" sez the lad. "And what instrument did you play?" asks St. Pete.

Got to run, and don't let me hear about you doing anything resembling work where you are. Layabouts at Large and for hire means just that. Oh, yeah, and don't forget to forward any cash that comes by way of Laying about where ever you are just now.

One last thing, ole buddy. On the radio show you christened Paul Mills as one of the Beef Brothers. He will be a good one, but is there any kind of initiation rite that Jed and I have to put him through? I don't think Bev will go for the one you made Jed and I do, you know the one that had to do with ..... never mind, I think you will get forgiveness for that one.

And the real last thing. Spaw is just like you always said. You always said he had the biggest heart of the lot of us. It is a bit scarred and patched up, but came through tougher and stronger than the lot of us together. I agree, even if he is a horses ass. And just so's we don't neglect important rituals:


Damn, that wore me out. Got to go take a nap.

Love you, buddy. More later.