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Posted By: John Nolan
28-Aug-97 - 10:04 PM
Thread Name: T-Shirts
Subject: RE: T-Shirts
Whippoorwill: I speak as one who's wife designs and prints T-shirts, and as someone who markets them all over the U.S. Don't be afraid of color. It costs $10 to $20 up front for each additional color separation, and the same for each extra screen. Assuming you start with a very modest initial printing of 10 dozen, each color will only add an extra 35 cents (max) to the cost of each shirt. And that's a one-time cost only. Factor in another (recurring) 15 cents per color during the printing process = 50 cents extra per color per shirt. Thus a six-color shirt (which looks great) will cost $2 more to produce than one with just black+ one color. After the first printing, any subsequent printing of the shirts incurs only the 15 cents per color extra. A skillful printer can also use half-toning and blending to make six colors seem like eight or nine. Thus, shirt designers should keep a good printer in mind, and work closely with her/him, particularly at the ink color (Pantone matching) selection stage to ensure a happy outcome.