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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
24-Mar-04 - 10:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Miss Marple
Subject: RE: BS: Miss Marple
Yes, I love Midsomer Murders, and I agree--how can it be that no one higher up has noticed the unusual domino-effect density of murders that occur in these tiny villages? They certainly have some entertaining plot twists!

I enjoyed Cadfael, but had to sometimes wince at the twentieth century political sensibilities layered over the twelfth century environment. It may seem contrary to some, but what we understand today is not identical to what we understood 800 years ago, minus the science. Our cultures are cumulative, and as new ideas come along they are considered radical and even threatening for a while until they are accepted in general (what Kuhn called a "paradigm shift"). I worked on (need to write the thesis still) a MA in philosophy, and have spent too much time reading Foucault and the like to be able to immerse myself in Cadfael's mysteries with the same comfort as that with which I watch Marple, Poirot, or Wolf. But I enjoy anything that Jacobi does.