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Posted By: Marion
24-Mar-04 - 11:09 PM
Thread Name: Working on reader of Rick's music tips..
Subject: Working on reader of Rick's music tips..
Hello friends. I have had in mind that I should find and put together some of the advice that Rick posted on Mudcat about guitar and other musicianship topics. Having seen some similar suggestions posted, and having discussed it some with Allan C., I've started work on this project with a view to making it publicly available rather than just for my benefit.

What I intend to do is browse through his postings to find the practical music advice he was so generous with, then organize them into a document. I don't know yet if the final product would be a permathread or some kind of booklet that could be sold for Heather's benefit.

I've started this thread to ask you lot for three things:

1. Is anyone else doing any kind of similar project? If so, please contact me so we can distinguish our mandates from each other (i.e., if I do music stuff and you do interesting BS...) or decide how to cooperate if we both want to do something similar.

2. I expect that I would be including some material that Rick sent as PMs to me. Do you have a stored PM from Rick with musical advice that would be of general interest, that you'd be willing to pass on to me and have appear in the final, public product?

3. My plan is to browse through Rick's list of postings and click on thread titles that sound promising. Do you know of a good music-tips post under a thread title that you think I'd be likely to overlook?

Thanks, Marion

This may take a while as I'm on the road, but I expect to work on it a bit here and there while at people's houses.