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Posted By: wysiwyg
25-Mar-04 - 12:21 AM
Thread Name: Working on reader of Rick's music tips..
Subject: RE: Working on reader of Rick's music tips..
Yes I had thought of it, but am not doing it. Needs to be a guitar player, and I am not. I thought of it as a CD-ROM, tho, to avoid a print cost, and yes, to benefit Heather, but not deleting the threads or closing them, but inserting something about the availability of the product.

That was what I THOUGHT. I am not sure it is what someone should DO.

There is a fine line there about what Rick would have wanted done with it... he posted it here, after all, and didn't ask it to be limited before he left. He gave it away, didn't he?

I think you should see what Joe Offer and Pene say about how to organize it right here, and then make a CD-ROM from that base as an option. And I think Heather (with the help of Rick's closest music associates) should decide what is done, and how, or IF.... and in the meantime, looking up all the stuff you described would be a huge project and a welcome help for them to depend upon once they decide what they would like to have happen.

It has been pointed out to me, articulately, that folks closest to Rick need to let the dust settle a bit before diving in to this sort of thing. So I would focus on the research, and let them chime in as they are able.