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Posted By: saulgoldie
25-Mar-04 - 09:17 AM
Thread Name: Bob Edwards removed from Morning Edition
Subject: RE: Bob Edwards removed from Morning Edition
This is a national version of when the local station (WAMU--Wash. D.C.) let go Lee Michael Dempsey some years back. I wrote several letters to different people within the station and even to AM.U. which sort of "owned" the station. I never got a REAL answer as to why they dislodged him *immediately* after their pledge drive after allowing us to pledge specifically to his show. It just felt very sinister and cynical. And abusive.

They have not gotten my money since. I have only recently begun to rethink my non-donation in light of the onslaught from "the right" to public broadcasting. And now...this. It all makes me wonder: If it's "public" then where do their supporters fit into the discussion?

Of course, I will write again. One HAS to write. One has to write in the face of any adversity. At least then they can't say that they don't know. Evil triumphs when good people sit quietly by. Thanks for announcing this issue, Coyote.