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Posted By: Art Thieme
15-Sep-99 - 10:51 PM
Thread Name: Threads on the meaning of Folk
Subject: RE: Threads on the meaning of Folk

I've never understood the ideas behind cantometrics. All I remember about it is that Alan Lomax developed it. Using it he could analyse and document on paper a singer singing in just about any style in the world. That song could then be reproduced with all it's subtleties, nuances, slurs and slides, intensities and grace notes, emotions and decibel levels, by someone who could read it right off the paper---and on top of that, he could tell if the singer from whom the song had been collected had had sex within 3 hours of their performance.! Is that possible? Is it true? This might put DNA testing way on the back burner. You could have a student in school sing "Happy Birthday To You" or "In A Gada Davida" or "Why Do You Bob Your Hair Girls" or "Lord Lovel" and they'd know, instantly, if he brought his arsenal to school and hid it in his locker. What a boon to the world on so many wondrous levels!!