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Posted By: My guru always said
25-Mar-04 - 12:01 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Proud Maisrie/Bonny Maisrie/Lady Margaret
Subject: Lyr Add: THE GARDENER (from June Tabor)
These are the words I've taken from June Tabor's version of The Gardener - not sure who rewrote it though. The last pair of each verse are repeated. Lovely version...

Proud Maisry stands in her bower door,
As straight as the willow wand
And by and comes a gardener lad,
With a red rose in his hand

It's you shall have my rose fair maid,
If you'll give your flower to me
From among the flowers in my garden,
I'll shape a gown for thee

The lily white shall be your smock,
Becomes your body best
The gillyflower to be your quill,
And a primrose at your breast

Your gown shall be the scented thyme,
Your petticoat camovine
Your apron of the salads neat,
That taste both sweet and fine

Since you have shaped a gown for me,
Among the summer flowers
It's I'll repay you back again,
Amidst the winter showers

New fallen snow shall be your shirt,
And lie your body next
The mirk-black rain shall be your coat,
And a wind gale at your breast

The steed that you shall ride upon,
Shall be the weather grey
And when you come into my sight,
I'll wish you were away