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Posted By: catspaw49
25-Mar-04 - 01:13 PM
Thread Name: An Open Letter to Rick Fielding
Subject: RE: An Open Letter to Rick Fielding
Dear Rick,

Not much time right now, but I was thinking that you have got to be (humbly) impressed with the things that have been said about you the past few days and of course you deserve them. You were always pretty good at self-deprecation and I think some of the folks here who missed that part of you may have missed a lot! I mean, you accepted the compliments but it was always more comfortable for you to tail them with a story where you were the butt-end of the joke. So I think for those who missed those times, I'd repost one of them.

In the midst of having a long discussion on 12-strings where you gave out some tremendous advice, someone new to Twelves brought up tuning to standard pitch. Several of us gave all the reasons against it and you came in and posted a real winner as I recall, summing up in that way you're so good at. So several people come in and thank the bejesus out of you and you then told the following story showing we all were young and dumb once which cracked me was like a scene from a sit-com! You didn't title it but I did.......Anyway, here it is as you told it then........


"Each of my 12 strings has it's own little memory but the worst was "Pedro" the Mexican built beauty that I bought when I was about twenty. The salesman said it was built to be tuned to pitch and I foolishly believed him. Now the problem was that my girlfriend at the time felt (justifiably so) that we should be saving our money, so when I purchased "Pedro" I snuck him into a closet for the night, planning to tell her about it the next day.(after I had thought up some story to justify my purchase) About 5am, a noise like a bazooka woke everyone up with a start in our communal rooming house. People were searching everywhere for the source of the explosion......but in my heart I knew what it was. I let someone else find the broken pieces of wood and wire, but I had to own up to it. Needless to say I got yelled at, AND lost Pedro one day after buying him!"

Catch You Later......Gotta' go to the store....