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Posted By: CapriUni
27-Mar-04 - 07:01 PM
Thread Name: An Open Letter to Rick Fielding
Subject: RE: An Open Letter to Rick Fielding
Dear Rick Fielding,

One of the sorrows I have in my life is that it often takes an obit thread such as this one for me to truly get to know how wonderful, wise and generous someone is. And I find myself going through the same thing with you, now.

You and I never met in the flesh, nor, that I recall, have we conversed with each other in MudChat, or in the forum threads. However, I could feel your pressence throughout Mudcat -- your gentle humor and your generous wisdom -- like a warm breeze on a lazy August afternoon. You kindness was is infectious, and inspires those who knew you far more directly than I to be kind and generous in turn.

That kindness inspired me to branch out and try new things, like writing a song or two, and have the audacity to post them here, in public. It also makes this forum one of my favorite places to be, especially when I need to be reminded of the greater joy that exists beyond the confines of my own worries.

And for that, I thank you.

Sincerely, and in Joy,

Ann Magill