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Posted By: Bill Hahn//\\
28-Mar-04 - 07:09 PM
Thread Name: Bob Edwards removed from Morning Edition
Subject: RE: Bob Edwards removed from Morning Edition
Dashiell---this was surely not political. I see your political point though---probably best left for another thread. To me this is the most important election ever---and I am no kid. GWB--Dubya to those who least appreciate his (expletive deleted) actions---is someone I only hope has a happy life in Crawford TX.

But---the real reason for my posting this note. I too heard the OTM program today---it airs in my area on Sun. AM.

Gracious responses by Edwards---"....if it is good for NPR", "...perhaps I was on there too long".   HOwever, he did sort of let it slip a bit when asked if it is correct that management said it was ---something like--"... serving the listener" His reply was, basically, he thought he had---but if mgmt felt that instead of doubling the audience this might quadruple it then it is a good move. Otherwise---IT HURTS.   

I think that says it all.

Those of you who have written to NPR--as I have---probably have gotten the form letter reply from the facility.   

From a personal standpoint for Edwards his life will be physically easier. His salaray and pension are there. But for the public---well---you can weigh in on that.

By the way--I liked his comment about finding his own voice. On a smaller scale I know what he means---I found mine after trying to be what I thought I heard on the radio and tried to emulate.

Bill Hahn