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Posted By: Coyote Breath
29-Mar-04 - 01:35 AM
Thread Name: Bob Edwards removed from Morning Edition
Subject: RE: Bob Edwards removed from Morning Edition
The interview was very enlightening. Mr. Edwards clearly has NPR's "welfare" in mind.

I don't like this move at all but withold support? not at this time but I might if things regress further.

What I found most interesting was his not knowing why either. Something having to do with "listener's needs". I don't recall any one from NPR seeking to learn what our NEEDS are.

MY need is to hear balanced reporting with stories of events presented clearly. Edwards is the thread which ties NPR's Morning Edition together.

The term "listener's needs" is as fine an example of weasle words as I've seen in a while. I am now convinced that the decision was based upon something sleazy, some sort of low action designed to help the career of a mediocre talent, or to appease the anticipated negative reaction to a news piece by one of the corporate moron's tossing slops into NPR's hog trough.