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Posted By: Big Mick
17-Sep-99 - 09:43 AM
Thread Name: Women's Song Circle ??III
Subject: Lyr Add: WEAVE AND MEND
Congratulations on your birthday, friend MAG, and thanks for the "heads up" (inside comment here, 'Catters). You are a great member of this village.

If you will suffer a man here for a moment, I would like to offer a song in celebration of your circle and then move quietly back and listen. I cannot sing this one, but it would sound lovely if one of you would, and the rest of the sisters harmonize the chorus. I heard it sung by Frances Black with Mary Black doing harmony. It is haunting and beautiful and has become one of my favorites. It is called "Weave and Mend" and is written by Mary Trup and Ann Cameron.

(Mary Trup and Ann Cameron)

Old woman is watching, watching over you
In the darkness of the storm she is watching
She is weaving, mending, gathering the fragments
She is watching over you

So weave and mend, weave and mend
Gather the fragments safe and win the sacred circle Sisters,
Weave and mend, weave and mend
Oh Woman, weave and mend.

Old Woman is weaving, gathering the threads
Her bones become the loom, she is weaving
She is watching, weaving, gathering the colours
She is watching over you


For years I've been watching, waiting for old woman
Feeling lost and so alone, I've been watching
Now I find her weaving, gathering the colours
Now I find her in myself