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Posted By: Little Neophyte
30-Mar-04 - 09:03 AM
Thread Name: An Open Letter to Rick Fielding
Subject: RE: An Open Letter to Rick Fielding
Dear Mr. Fielding
Do you remember when you and I went to the 12th Fret together to buy me a long neck Pete Seeger Vega banjo? I was so determined to play everything in open F because I couldn't understand what you were taking about by capoing two frets up to open G.
You were so patient with me and let me figure it out for myself.
Mind you, the finger stretch was a killer but that was good training too.
You alway gave me the benefit of the doubt - looking at my musical approach as if I was some kind of creative genious when in actual fact I was just pretty darn stupid.
Thank you Mr. Fielding for believing in me.
Sending you much love and many, many thanks,
Banjo Bonnie