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Posted By: Blackcatter
30-Mar-04 - 12:06 PM
Thread Name: Bob Edwards removed from Morning Edition
Subject: RE: Bob Edwards removed from Morning Edition
GUEST,Not the Bob Edwards Groupie Guest:

Well your right, there are people who don't like Bob Edwards and for them this is good, but you clearly have major problems with Morning Edition and NPR that removing Edwards isn't going to change.

You seem to assume that because we have posted on this thread about our dismay in Edwards' leaving the show that ME and NPR is the ONLY way we receive our news. Thank you for assuming the worst in people you don't know.

Most of us do get news from a myriad of sources, in fact, NPR may be the most main-stream source we regularly turn to.

I will continue to listen to ME. I will continue to support my local PBS station. What I object to and what instigated this thread was the seemingly poor way that NPR has treated Edwards, not that he's leaving. If he announced his leaving, it is quite possible that a thread here would not have even been started. If it was, it would have been filled with people saying thank you to him and sharing happy memories of 25 years of work by the man.