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Posted By: GUEST,Not the Bob Edwards Groupie Guest
30-Mar-04 - 01:30 PM
Thread Name: Bob Edwards removed from Morning Edition
Subject: RE: Bob Edwards removed from Morning Edition
"Guest Not the Bob Edwards Groupie--you haven't been watching morning television that calls itself "news," or dodging the trash chatter on the local FM and AM stations, have you?"

Not usually, no. I figured out long ago that the mainstream media wasn't a source for news, but for ideological spin of the news. And I've never listened to talk radio. It's always been the National Equirer of radio.

Katie Couric--saw her gig during the 9/11 coverage. She is as disingenuous as Diane Sawyer, just has a harder edge. She looks like Cokie clone from the Midwest, don't you think?

The thing that is most deceptive nowadays is the "synergy" thing. Just one current example. The corporate parent of CBS owns the publisher of Richard Clarke's book, so Clarke "comes out" and 60 Minutes gets the "scoop". Good Morning America interviews whomever was kicked off the reality tv show on their network the night before. Apparently CBS is the current master at this game, as The Early Show is the standard all the "synergistic" infotainment news programs aspire to emulate. I understand NBC Dateline, the NBC newsmagazine flagship at NBC, recently did this (ie devoted a whole program to it) to promote The Donald's reality show on NBC.

This isn't news to thinking people. Nor are your "go listen to Rush Limbaugh" insults to anyone who challenges your obviously deeply ingrained assumptions about news reporting, hitting your intended mark.

There is nothing even handed about NPR's reporting. But I've got to say, your suggestion that Terry Gross is an intellectual is pretty funny. Got a good laugh out of that one. Bob Edwards might be smart, but he puts me to sleep.

The point you mention about ME & ATC being recycled news is proof positive of how the national media echo chamber effect works.

You seem to be a thoughtful person interested in getting at the truth, SRS. I just think you are a tad too lazy to go looking for it beyond your safe, secure mainstream media walls, is all.