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Posted By: GUEST
30-Mar-04 - 01:50 PM
Thread Name: Bob Edwards removed from Morning Edition
Subject: RE: Bob Edwards removed from Morning Edition
"Why do you insist in assuming things I and others did not say? I wish you'd get over that issue."

We all make assumptions, Blackcatter. Assumptions aren't the problem. It is what we base them upon, and whether they are correct, that matters.

"Just because one looks forward to hearing the same voice, doesn't mean that their not looking for serious news."

Apparently my assumption that some here were upset that one of their favorite news anchors they've grown accustomed to hearing every morning (an assumption based upon what I head read in over 40 posts before making my contribution) is correct then, and your problem with it is...?

I never said people who have made ME and Bob Edwards a part of their morning ritual aren't interested in getting serious news. My assumption is they are more interested in keeping their comfortable morning ritual intact than they are in getting serious news in the morning. Because if people are most interested in serious news in the morning, they aren't listening to NPR's Morning Edition with Bob Edwards to get it.

That tells me something about them, about how they get information, process it (or passively consume it in the case of mainstream news), and thereby analyze it.

I find most consumers of mainstream news never analyze what they consume, they just repeat it almost verbatim in their discussions with people throughout the day, and in their posts in chat forums like this one. It's garbage in, garbage out, IMO. Doesn't take any work to do it. Morning Edition with Bob Edwards is easy listening news for the jaded Great White Appartchik Class.