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Posted By: Fortunato
31-Mar-04 - 11:27 AM
Thread Name: Review: PHILLY FOLKSONG SOCIETY Reviews
Subject: MARCH MADNESS II - Tanglefoot -- Captured Alive
This month's BOREALIS CANADIAN FAUX BUT PRO AWARD goes to Borealis Records for their elaborately produced and strikingly designed CD, "Captured Alive" featuring that most talented and tantalizing quintet, Tanglefoot. The program is full, the execution is precise and Tanglefoot's showmanship is equal to its musicianship which is prodigious. The selections are hand woven and of recent vintage at that but the style and feel are in keeping with Tanglefoot's core. Few artists challenge my musical biases as sharply as this group. Their trad qualifications are so blatant as to be ostentatious but, like Bela Fleck and Take6, they stray from the folk fold to graze the greener fields of gelt. (What I like to call a gelt trip).
Borealis has a toll free number 1-877-530-4288 and a web site:

--- Michael Miller