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Posted By: Wilfried Schaum
05-Apr-04 - 04:22 AM
Thread Name: German folk song, help with translation
Subject: RE: German folk song, help with translation
My beautiful virtual daughter-in-law Lilly, daughter of an American poet and a German mother, experienced in both languages, gave the verdict for the final form:
1. Down yonder in the meadow / A blue stork I did see. / I thought it was my true love / And called her: "Stand with me!"
2. "Oh God, I have to mow the hay, / How could I stand and linger?" / "So tell your people that you have / Cut off your little finger."
3. "Oh God, how could I ever lie, / It does not suit me well. / The huntsman is my young man / I'd rather like to tell."
4. "Oh mother, dearest mother, "Oh mother, dearest mother, / Good counsel give me, pray, / There is a brisk young huntsman, / He follows me all day.
5. "Oh daughter, dearest daughter, / My counsel you shall hear: / Send off this brisk young huntsman / And stay with me this year."
6. "Oh mother, dearest mother. / Keep counsel with yourself! / The huntsman I hold dearer / Than all your goods & wealth."
7. "Oh daughter, dearest daughter, / Your talk makes me so sad, / So run off to the huntsman, / About him you seem mad."
8. "Oh mother, dearest mother, / Your talk now pleases me. / I shall wait for the huntsman / Until he comes for me."

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Thanks to you all