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Posted By: Sue Wichers
06-Jan-97 - 08:05 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Girl Scout witchcraft song
Subject: LYR ADD: Girl Scouts' Witchcraft^^
(by Margarett Snyder)

If there were witchcraft I'd make two wishes,
A winding road that beckons me to roam,
And then I'd wish for a blazing campfire,
To welcome me when I'm returning home.

But in this real world there is no witchcraft,
And golden wishes do not grow on trees.
Our fondest daydreams must be the magic
To bring us back these happy memories.

Mem'ries that linger, constant and true,
Mem'ries we cherish, - - - * of you.


It is in Sing! from the American Camping Association and Camp Songs "n" Things which was published in 1939.

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