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11-Apr-04 - 11:26 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Fate o' Charlie & My Bonny Hieland Laddie
Pavane - I have the same problem transcribing the Scottish dialect and it's even worse since I'm American!

Thanks SO much for the lyrics of "My Bonny Hieland Laddie. I did make a few corrections...


When first he landed on our strand, the graceful looks o' that brave laddie
Made every heiland heart tae warm & lang tae wear the tartan Plaidie
When Geordie heard the news belief, that he was come before his Daddy
He 30 thousand pounds would give, to catch him in his tartan plaidie

He sent John Cope unto the north, wi' a' his men for battle ready
But Charlie boldly sallied forth, wi' bonnet blue and belted plaidie
Cope raid a race tae Inverness, and found the Prince gane sooth (South) already
Like lion bold and uncontrolled, wi' belt and brand and tartan plaidie

Cope turned the chase and left the place, the Lothians was the next land ready
And then he swore at Prestonpans he would disgrace the heiland laddie
Oh my bonny heiland lad, my handsome charming heiland laddie
May Heaven guard and him reward wi' bonnet blue and tartan plaidie.

Here's my attempt at "The Fate O' Charlie." As you can see, I'm missing quite alot.. LOL.

"The Fate O' Charlie"
? , ?
My brave, ?
Beware of Cumberland my dearie!
Culloden's field this day will seal
the fate o' Scotland's own Prince Charlie.

The highland clans nae more are seen
tae fight for him for ne'er was eerie.
They for'er are on yon red field
and trampled in for followin' Charlie.

He was her prince named a'er Saint ?
That ? thus we all ? ?
And ? ? ?
Joined hand in hand
Tae ? ? ?
To reign Prince Charlie

? bride stood at the ?
Her lover's steed arrived right early
His rider's gane, his bridle's wet
wi' blood o' him wha' fell for Charlie.

Oh, weep fair maids of Scotland's isle;
me blood for lady oh sweet early.
Culloden reeks wi' ? ? ?
o' those who are bled for Scotland's Charlie.

Thanks Again! --Joe :)