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Posted By: SBFlyFan
12-Apr-04 - 05:55 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Fate o' Charlie & My Bonny Hieland Laddie
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Fate O' Charlie LP- help with lyrics?
Now I'm a member.. yay...

I've listened to the song again and using Little Robyn's corrections I've tried to come up with some more of the missing lyrics... I inserted what I heard 'phonetically' in the blank spots (marked with **), maybe someone will recognize the spelling errors and can correct me?


"The Fate O' Charlie"
Lochiel, Lochiel, my brave Lochiel:
beware of Cumberland, my dearie!
Culloden's field this day will seal
the fate o' Scotland's ain Prince Charlie.

The highland clans nae more are seen
tae fight for him for ne'er was eerie.
They for'er are on yon red field
and trampled doon for followin' Charlie.

He was her prince named a'er Sain' **Nole**
That ? thus we all **camed fairly**
Then **wha' would know **
Joined hand in hand
Tae **kep' frae scaith**
Who reigned Prince Charlie

**Glenooland's** bride stood at the **yed**
Her lover's steed arrived recht early
His rider's gane, his bridle's wet
wi' blood o' him wha' fell for Charlie.

Oh, weep fair maids of Scotland's isle;
me blood for Lady o' sweet Airly.
Culloden reeks wi' **? (I don't know but it sounds something like "patpol gore" - is it some sort of liquid?)**
o' those who are bled for Scotland's Charlie.