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12-Apr-04 - 09:48 PM
Thread Name: The Alamo--Needless Martyrs
Subject: RE: The Alamo--Needless Martyrs
McGrath, the Alamo and its defenders has become myth over the past 150 years or more since that time. Slavery, etc., was not in the minds of the fighters there. Their agendas were mixed. They died, but defeat was not on their minds. Some, like Bowie, apparently thought that they could hold out. The opposing force was unknown. Some only wanted to preserve rights to their lands, granted by the Mexican authorities, but which were threatened by changes to the regulations. Others were latecomer wannabe entrepreneurs.

A number of non-combatants, who had taken refuge in the Alamo, survived the siege; not all within the Alamo died (some died as a result of what we now call 'collateral damage).'

Far more Mexican soldiers died in the assault, some 600, than died in the Alamo. Santa Anna's officers had opposed the action, suggesting that waiting them out was the best action.

Houston, as far as we can gather from the records, had been in favor of abandoning or razing the site before the battle.