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Posted By: DonMeixner
13-Apr-04 - 11:39 AM
Thread Name: The Alamo--Needless Martyrs
Subject: RE: The Alamo--Needless Martyrs
If you drop all the second guessing and pre supposed politics, get away from the right and wrong of things and concentrate on the situation and the people involved this is a great story. I will go see it and look at it in that light.

I also pay zero attention to anyone who whines about historical revisionism. If it happened, it happened. If history is uncovered that shows with out a doubt that Crockett had a by god missing Strad at the Alamo and played Mozart upon it then it happened.

We want our heros to be saints. But in the light of historical discovery this isn't always the case. Some men and women are great men and women all their lives. Some are great and do great things along the way only to fail because of one misplaced step. Some are are hoplessly average, some are just plain bad, but they are a part of the age they live in and rise to greatness because of a single selfless act.

And lastly, John Wayne made many very good movies. He made a few great movies. The Alamo was not in either catagory.