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Posted By: Herga Kitty
14-Apr-04 - 09:39 PM
Thread Name: Theatre Bar videotape, Sidmouth 1991
Subject: RE: Theatre Bar videotape, Sidmouth 1991
OK, the video from Murray arrived today and I've just watched it. I'm afraid to say that I was still being a Doveite in 1991, but nevertheless I recognised a few people.

From Murray's post of 19 Feb:

1 was Maglan. She sings "No more auction lot" later on the tape.

2 I didn't recognise.

3 was Jerry, singing the Kippers version of Dido, Fido.

4 was Chris Gorniak, singing Lowlands Away, with full beard, and Pam next to him.

5 Judith Proctor sang the Gasman cometh, and her son (Richard?) sang "There'll be more next year".

6 - I didn't recognise.

7 - John Noden, husband of Maglan. One of the people he approaches during the song is Moira Craig.

8 - is indeed One Bar Too Many, before Doug Bailey's hair turned grey... singing "the Wreckers" and "Who liveth so merry"

9 - yes, is Hector Christie, singing the Terror Time.

10 and 11 I can't name, but 12 was Ken Johnson from Chesterfield singing "All his other wives", not Keith Marsden (although he wrote the song). Ken appears earlier on the tape singing the Farmer's Toast.

Ken Hughes sang the Bold Drover.

There's a young Damien Barber playing the concertina and singing "don't despise the deserter". Damien used to sing at the evening sessions in the Rugby Club, too.

Rosie Longhurst singing "I wish I had someone to love me". From Moorfolk also, the tape kicks off with Bill Walter singing "Bring us a barrel" (another Keith Marsden song!) and then Jan singing.

Phil Jarrett singing "On board the Anglesey".

Mick Pearce singing and playing Whitby Whaler and Tarpaulin Jacket.

Mike Ruff singing and playing "City of New Orleans".

Colin Waters singing "Fling it here, fling it there." Una Waters singing an alphabetical song. Andy Jackson (organiser of Miskin festival) singing "will we ever dig coal again?" Ron from Shrewsbury singing Grey Funnel Line.

The MC was Hugh Diamond, who sang Amazing Grace and Bring it on home - he asked Ken Hughes when his first session would be so I reckon this was filmed during the first Saturday lunchtime singaround in the Theatre Bar.

Louise Burbage and Monni Aldous also sang. John Dowell, Andy Barnes, Malc Austen and Moira Craig can all be seen in the audience.