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Posted By: Timbobbin
21-Sep-99 - 06:20 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Roy Roger Um / Hi Ho Jerum / Hi Ro Jerum
Subject: Lyr Add: HEY ROGER RUM (from Oldham Tinkers)
There is a version of this song, I think recorded by the Oldham Tinkers.

As far as I remember it goes

HEY ROGER RUM (from Oldham Tinkers)

There were two Jews and they came from Jerusalem,
Glory Hallelujah hey roger rum
And one were rich and t'other were a pooriun
Glory Hallelujah hey roger rum,
Hey roger rum, hey roger rum,
Skin of a scaly onion,
Oh what a funny un,
Glory hallelujah hey roger rum

2. The poor Jew died and he went up to heavenium,
Had his supper with the saints at a quarter past elevenium

3. The rich Jew died and he didn't fare so wellium,
Took a little journey all the way down to hellium,

4. He asked owd Nick for a whisky and a sodium,
But owd Nick tow'd him to shovel on the coalium

5. To this story that's all the scriptures tellium,
So if you want any more you'll have to sing it for yoursellium.

I especially enjoy the line about whisky and sodium, what else would you expect to drink in hell?

If anyone has the chords for this song I would love to get them.