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Posted By: Strick
16-Apr-04 - 07:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'The Alamo' - superb movie!
Subject: RE: BS: 'The Alamo' - superb movie!
John Wayne's version was considered a box office bomb in 1960, too. A question for those of you who've seen the new version. When Crockett is captured and meets Santa Ana, doe he speak to him?

That Crockett was captured is still controversial here in Texas. There are two seemingly independent accounts that seem so similar they could authentic describing Crockett's capture and execution. In those accounts, Crockett is amoung 6 other defenders captured at the end of the battle. The general who captures them pleads with Santa Ana to spare them. Santa Ana orders their execution (no one is allowed to speak for himself) and they are executed by Mexican officers with swords, a fairly slow, brutal death. The men are said to have "died well".

I hear in the movie Billy Bob gets a speech before being killed. Is that true?