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Posted By: GUEST,Daniel
17-Apr-04 - 11:09 PM
Thread Name: Learning piano/organ
Subject: RE: Learning piano/organ
I'd like to learn to play pipe organ. I'm actualy a fan of heavy metal not classical music but some bands actualy use organ, espescialy in Funeral doom (self explanatory, see Skepticism) and some bands like Devil Doll who aren't really metal but have lots of moments that can be called metal. I have a special limited edition of Dies Irae by Devil Doll and I was blown away by the power of the organ on that CD. It struck me as something I would like to learn. I've always been told I have good fingers for piano and would like to learn to play both but it was only when I heard black metal (Diabolical Masquerade) that I started appreciating it as a surprisingly versatile instrument.
I was just wondering if I could actualy find someone to teach me organ and how I would approach it. Like, should I learn to play piano first or is pipe organ an instrument that is so different I should really just go straight to playing organ?

I think that's a pretty cool organ part, sounds difficult to play though. The piano that comes after is very nice, espescialy when the violin comes in and it doesn't sound espescialy hard. There's so many parts of this guy's music that are very beautiful, and just as many that are chilling to the bone.