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Posted By: Herga Kitty
18-Apr-04 - 11:55 AM
Thread Name: Theatre Bar videotape, Sidmouth 1991
Subject: RE: Theatre Bar videotape, Sidmouth 1991
I've had another look at the tape - scanning the audience more carefully as well as the singers...

Although I said I was still a Doveite in 1991, there is someone sitting near Hugh in the early part of the tape who from some angles looks awfully like Tim Edwards - and sitting next to him someone who might just be me (not very flattering shots though!).

The young lady with the guitar who sings immediately before "Johnny I hardly knew you" looks suspiciously like Claire (whom I last saw at Donisthorpe - Lynne and Ted's singing weekend - in 2002). The concertina players are Gordon and Pam, who stewarded the Rugby Club singarounds (and stopped coming to Sidmouth after these were discontinued - I bumped into them in Whitby a few years ago).

The Australian lady(?) who sings "John Willie and the Ferret" I have seen at another festival - I think at Redditch, in a performance given by Toni Woods of Australian songs.

I also caught a glimpse of the late Alan Burbage during Rob Watson's rendition of the Piper o' Dundee.

It's been fascinating to see how many people from 1991 were in the Theatre Bar last year, and encouraging that so many good singers have been added. I'm looking forward to this year's sessions!