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Posted By: Steve Parkes
19-Apr-04 - 11:41 AM
Thread Name: Help: Little Boxes (Malvina Reynolds) ticky-tacky?
Subject: RE: Ticky-tacky
Maye we could do with some in Britain! There's almost no affordable housing for first-time buyers, and prices continue to go up at a silly rate. Houses built as starter homes twenty years ago soon got priced out of the first-timers' market, so a good idea that didn't help much in the end. What we need is some decent quality but horrible to lok at housing that nobody will want to pay an inflated price for: either the first-timers will stay (because they're good quality & they can't afford to move), or they won't get a great increase on the price (so new first-timers can move in), but just enough to get on the next rung of the so-called property ladder. Remember how nobody wanted to move out of their prefabs?