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Posted By: Bruce O.
22-Sep-99 - 04:24 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Siul a Ruin
Subject: Lyr Add: SHULA AGRAH
Here's a poorly printed and unusual broadside version. I think the printer, Haly, was mostly active in the 2nd quarter of the 19th century.]

                 Shula Agrah

Oft I roved my garden bowers;
    To gaze upon fast fading flowers,
And think upon past happy hours,
    That's fled like summer's bloom.
         Shul, Shule, Shule Arah
Time can only ease my woe
Since the lad of my heart did go
    Gudhe, Tough, guidhe tough slaun

No more am I that blooming maid
That used to rove the valley's shade
My youth, my bloom, are both decayed
    And every charm is gone
        Shuld, Shule, Shule, etc.

For now he's gone to other climes
To seek one more pleasing to his mind
But ah, the maid he left behind
    Shall love him best of all
        Shule, Shule, Shule etc

His eyes were black, his coat was blue
His hair was fair, his heart was true,
I wish in my heart I was with you
    Gudhe tough, gudhe tough slaun
        Shule, shuel, shule, etc

Time can only ease may woe
Since the lad of my heart from me did go
    Uska dhe, uske dhe, mavourneen slaun
I'll sell my rack, I'll sell my reel
When my flax is out I'll sell my wheel
    Gudhe tough, gudhe tough &c

I wish I was in younder hill
It's there I'd sit and cry my fill,
That every tear would turn a mill
    Gudhe tough, gudhe tough slaun
        Shule, Shule, Shule, &c,

Oft I sat on my love's knee
Many a fond story he told me
He said many things that ne'r will be
    Gudhe tough, gudhe tough, &c,

I'll dye my petticoat, I'll dye it red
That round the world I may be my bread
And then my parents would wish me dead
        Shule, shule, shule etc.

Time can only ease my woe
Since the lad of my heart from me did go
    Uske dhe, uska dhe, mavourneen slaun

    Haly, Printer, Cork

It would be nice to have some documentary evidence that some form of the song was earlier than the 19th century, but I haven't seen any yet.