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Posted By: Desert Dancer
20-Apr-04 - 12:00 AM
Thread Name: Learning piano/organ
Subject: RE: Learning piano/organ
Robin wrote:
'You won't start on a pipe organ,' I agree with this, 'but if you want to play one some day, learn on an electronic organ, not a piano.' Obviously I don't agree with that! I disagree entirely - an electronic organ is no more like a pipe organ than a piano is.

Hmm. I think an electronic organ is more like an organ than a piano is. But, I've never played a real pipe organ.

Yes, a keyboard, is a keyboard, but if you want to learn to read 3 staffs (2 manuals and pedals), and not just 2, if you want to learn to play on 2 manuals (or more), if you want to learn about the effects of organ stops, if you want to understand the feel of holding sustained organ notes, learn on an organ, whatever kind you can get hold of. If you want to become familiar with a keyboard instrument, use whatever's handy. It's probably easier to go from piano to organ than the reverse.

Personally, I wish I'd learned piano, because I run into a lot more oppotunities for informal playing on pianos than on organs, and the difference in attack on a piano is pretty hard for me to adjust to. It was just a quirk of our household that we went for organs instead of pianos. Maybe it was cheaper.

~ Becky in Tucson