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Posted By: paddymac
22-Sep-99 - 07:15 PM
Thread Name: Women's Song Circle ??III
Susan A-R: what beautiful words. Are they your own? As I remember the story of Boudica, she became leader of her people (the Iceni) after her husband/partner (Prasutagus) died late in the year 59 AD. He divided his estate giving half to Nero and half to his two daughters. The Roman Catus wanted it all for Rome, as a device to bring their territory under Roman control. Boudica resisted and was flogged for her efforts and the daughters raped. She vowed revenge, raised her own people, got the Trinovantes to join with them, and set out for Colchester and London. Her Celtic horde (estimated by some writers as about 80,000 warriors, but always have to treat such estimates with great suspicion) wiped out an entire Roman legion. Despite initial successes, her forces ultimately succumed to the Romans and she reportedly committed suicide. All this in the spring of AD 60.

There is a marvelous book titled "The Life & Death of A Druid Prince" by Anne Ross & Don Robins, which presents their analysis of the "Lindow Man" bog-body found a short ways south of Manchester. They dubbed him "Lovernio" (for the fox fur arm-band he wore). To greatly shorten the story, he was apparently a Druid from Ireland sacrificed in response to the ravaging of the Isle of Mona by Seutonius the day before Boudica's rising. The analysis by Ross/Robins raises another idea as well - that the chance location of Bodica's victory over the legion was astride a critical Druidic gold route. Don't want to go any furhter here, but if you have an interest in such things, find the book, and enter a new world.