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Posted By: Strick
21-Apr-04 - 05:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: American Plutocracy at it's Finest
Subject: RE: BS: American Plutocracy at it's Finest
Wait, what reduction in property taxes? We're trying to stop funding education with property taxes because it creates enormous inequities in education funding, but nobody gave me any cut in property taxes yet.

I assume "billions of dollars in property tax reductions to the most affluent homeowners" just means we're going to do away with school district property taxes and do something else to fund education. The system we tried to use for court mandated equalization didn't work, so we've got to try something else.

Didn't most states introduce the lotto claiming it was going to fund education (but it didn't)? "The idea that the education of future generations should depend on increasing sin taxes is not unique to Texas. Across the country, politicians, eager to avoid anything that looks like a tax increase, are turning to levies on what Governor Perry calls 'unhealthy behaviors' to finance education." Yeah, we're unique.