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Posted By: Vixen
23-Sep-99 - 08:00 AM
Thread Name: Tin/Penny Whistle Question
Subject: RE: Tin/Penny Whistle Question

Jo_77, Magpie, and Bob: I guess I need to get O'Neill's book!

Jo_77: I've emailed Kieran about Micko's recordings.

Big Mick: Thank you!!! That was the thread I couldn't find in the first place. Next time, I'll search for "whistle" and get ALL the threads! (lesson learned!)

Regarding all this stuff about hand size and LOW whistles (please, don't let 'spaw see *this,* he'll have a field day! ;> ) my palm measures 3" at the widest point, my index and middle fingers are each 3" and my ring finger is 2.75". Are those dimensions sufficient to a low whistle? Or should I stick to my flute and recorder for the low stuff, and just do high tunes on the pw? (Just in case anybody gets confused about what my hands are going to be on here, we're talking *wind instruments* NOT *organs* ;> ) The question is seriously meant though. If I get a low whistle, it'll probably be through mail order with no opportunity to see if I can play it first.

Awaiting more enlightenment,