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Posted By: Bearheart
23-Apr-04 - 12:58 PM
Thread Name: Songs of the civil War
Subject: RE: Songs of the Napoleonic Wars?
Well, I knew I could count on the Catters! What riches. I do appreciate this. Thanks to all of you so much.

Somehow the collection by Frank Harte comes as no surprise, and I must have it (oh and I have birthday coming up in MAY!).

John of Elsie's Band, tell me more about your song, I am very interested.

I am also interested in Strangford Shore-- Eoin-- where do I find the tune?

Desert Dancer, I will check out that CD.

Macha, thanks for your suggestion.

I have to say that I don't understand my own fascination with these songs, but the ones I tend to collect are usually not the humorous sort (not that those offend me), and tend to have either a haunting melody, haunting words, or both.

This query was primarily about songs that deal with that theme, but I also collect songs about a range of themes including anti-war songs. (The Banks of the Nile is already there-- under the Sad Love songs section though it could go in other places-- the best songs are hard to catagorize.) Most of what I put into my book are the songs I sing myself or expect to learn, and I focus primarily on on traditional Celtic/British music. I arrange everything by theme, and I'm revising it right now, and wanted to add new material to that section. I've been collecting songs since I was a kid so my songbook has evolved a lot in 30 some years.

Right now I am celebrating my new harp and especially interested in songs suited to playing with her.

Walrus-- This collection-- can you give some background info-- I'm guessing it's not exclusively about the Napoleonic Wars.

Petr- yes I think that all wars have a lasting impression on the people who experience them-- and the songs are how we record that impression. No wonder so many deal with the sadness of war.

Folks can feel free to PM me too with ideas.