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Posted By: BK
03-Sep-97 - 12:24 AM
Thread Name: Songs to sing with Children
Subject: RE: Songs to sing with Children
I know I've heard the "don't go in the lion's cage" recorded by someone., probably on an old LP, in my eclectic mish-mash, (and, not fully unpacked) collection of recordings. If I ever get the time I can try to find it...

A lot of great responses to this thread. There is a very cute little number called "What Happenned to the Dinosaurs?" by Paul Strausman. (it mentions dimeterodon along w/the dinosaurs - tehnically an error; it was a "mamal-like" reptile, not a dinosaur - a minor problem, but some of us would like the currently fashionable "dino-mania" to be accurate) Ithink its been recorded on several kid-folk albums. I know I have it on a little tape dated 1984, entitled "All Together" by "musical friends," along w/some other really neat stuff, from a child-oriented recording company called "A Gentle Wind," Box 3103, Albany New York, 12203. (this adrress is from then; who knows by now if they still exist?)

cheers, bk