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Posted By: Bernard
24-Apr-04 - 09:56 PM
Thread Name: Ted Edwards' 65th birthday! (25 April 2004)
Subject: RE: Ted Edwards' 65th birthday!
Just back from Ted's 'Retirement Do' at The Garret! Surprisingly, he was still able to stand when I left...!! We had a reet gradely do! The flat was packed!

He's very proud to report that he is the first Edwards to reach 65!

Words to Dance, Dance... written in 1992 after he heard about the closure of Bickershaw Colliery 'on the telly'. Email me your new address, Noreen, and I'll send you a CD copy of Ted's BBC GMR interview broadcast on March 23rd this year - a rare recording of him singing the song was included (I cleaned it up from Ted's original cassette), and I'm singing Coal Hole Cavalry with Ted joining in on the chorus!

Dance, Dance

No moo-er maimed! No moo-er deaf!
No moo-er wheezin' and feytin' fer breath!
No moo-er hooter that summons to death!
No moo-er weepin' a' them what's bereft!

Dance! Dance, my little mon.
Bickershaw Colliery's workin' is done.
Faythur is coughin', and grandfaythur's gone,
But tha'll not be goo-in' below.

No moo-er hate! No sickness of soul!
No moo-er pain for the years that they stole!
No moo-er livin' the life of a mole!
No moo-er givin' our sons to the coal!

No moo-er grief! No ruined life!
No moo-er squattin' at bus stops at five!
No moo-er work, but at least tha'll survive!
No moo-er beggin' for death to arrive!

No moo-er killin'! The butchery's done!
Battlefield covered wi' them that have gone!
I've lost me battleā€¦ but my little mon,
Thi' future'll never be sold by the ton!

Ted Edwards 1992

(OCR scan from Ted's original)