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25-Apr-04 - 11:50 PM
Thread Name: Martin Said to His Man
Subject: RE: Martin said to his man
Real chips are double fried. The first deep frying seals the outside. They are then cooled, then the second deep frying cause the moisture to expand, giving you a crisp outer, with a moist soft delicous centre. The double frying also ensure that the temperature of teh oil does not drop, but is kept very high.

Real chips are deep fried in Lard. If it is done right, very litle fat is absorbed, because firstly the high fat temperature seals the outside in the first deep frying too rapidly for the fat to be absorbed. The chips are then removed, allowing the fat to regain high temperature.

The chips can then be kept for some hours, nowadays they even deep freeze them. The second frying, especially if they are deep frozen, produces magic light brown chips.

There are slight modifications for chunky, normal and straw chips.

Oven Bake chips are a different game.

The right type of potato is essential too - the big fast food chains have actually spent heaps of money to get the right sort of potato.

(A Foodie!)