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Posted By: Big Mick
23-Sep-99 - 09:40 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: James Connolly (Wolfe Tones)
Subject: RE: James Connolly
Paddymac, you are absolutely on the mark on several scores. First off, Connolly was indeed so much more than a labor leader. He was possessed of a spirit that is timeless, and chooses to walk among us a various times as needed. Connolly was at once a fearless warrior, a visionary leader of men, and a tender and caring parent and spouse. Pearse, IMHO, sought martyrdom. Connolly accepted it. Your second contention, that the Rising may not have happened without his Citizens Army is accepted by most serious scholars as the fact. I do a presentation on Connolly using his words, writings and songs written by him and about him for heritage clubs.

With regard to Morgan Llywelyn, she is simply without equal. I have read most of her works. For those who want to understand the history of the Celts, the customs of the Celts, and the history and legendary figures of Ireland, you could not ask for a better or more enjoyable read than this woman. Her research is beyond reproach. I would recommend the following books, and probably in this order:
The Horse Goddess for the story of Epona and the Hallstadt Celts
Druids for an understanding of these priest/esses as they probably were instead of how people with their own motives want them to be. This is also the story of the Gaulic Confederacy and the one Celtic King, Vercingetorix who united the European Celts and almost defeated Julius Ceasar.
Bard which is based on the earliest poems written in Ireland by the Bard known as Amergin, or Aimirgin. It tells of the coming of the Milesian Princes to Ireland and the establishing of the Gaels as the dominant culture.
Red Branch which tells the story of young Setanta who grows up to be the legendary Hound of Ullain, or Cuchulain and the warriors of the Red Branch, or Craobh Rua.
Finn MacCool which tells the story of this legendary warrior as he probably was. A marvellous read.
Lion of IrelandThis tells the story of the greatest King in the history of Irealand, Brian Boru. Morgan captures this great man to the tee. The O'Brian, current leader of the family says that Morgan Llywelyn captured his famous ancestor to the tee. This is one of the best books you will read.
Pride of Lions which picks up with the death of Boru and tells of his son's attempt to live up to the legacy of his father.
Grainna which is the story of Grace O'Malley. This is an amazing story of an amazing human being and woman. I could not put it down.

I am proud to recommend these books to my fellow 'Catters. Be sure and order them through vendors who pay a commission to the Mudcat. Some of them, like Grainne, are out of print. Do yourself a favor and do an out of print search. You will not be sorry. I was well read on virtually all of these subjects before I read her works. Yet I felt as though I knew these figures in a way that I had never known them before. That is to say that I felt like I knew them as they were, instead of as what they have become in the passing of time. And of course, don't neglect to read 1916.