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26-Apr-04 - 09:05 AM
Thread Name: Martin Said to His Man
Subject: RE: Martin said to his man
Actually Pied Piper, it is allegedly a (French) Chef who was trying to cook potatoes for his Lord & Master. He boiled them, but due to some misunderstanding in the kitchen, they were well underdone and cold, and it was almost time to serve, but long enough for them to finish, so he cut them up, and deep fried them, then presented them as a special dish, the great ceremony allowing the extra few minutes to prepare them.

Another good story is that a 19C Chinese gentleman got on the wrong boat, and ended up in England instead of the USA. He made a living by using his wok to deep fry small fillets of fish and sliced potatoes (both were cheap for him to buy!) and selling them in the street, thus was born the great English craze.