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Posted By: Ella who is Sooze
27-Apr-04 - 04:29 AM
Thread Name: HELP - Banjo Doesn't Work Properly
heheheheheh eric fab suggestion don't think fella would approve though.

We took it along with us to a session local to us last night and got a pal, who is an instrument maker (mandolas) to have a look at it. He also plays banjo. The diagnostics are that it is nothing desperately wrong with it. Yes we have to check the pegs, but also he's suggested a heavier string to go on it, as one string has a different weight. So, we're going to do that. But ALSO... the little groovy bits where the strings are not quite wide enough on the bridge, and at the top of the neck. Which I think Uncle Dave O was describing.

Also, he suggested putting a cappo on the top fret, which lowers the strings, and will mean playing the banjo will be like touch typing as you won't need to put as much pressure onto the fretty bits.

Splott man (or should we say... Splough man if it's posh), thanks for that suggestion, we'll try that too. It's going to have a wee overhaul and try all the ideas.

Guest Davy... it's not an overally expensive banjo, we've been told it's a Chinese copy of an ozark. We bought it in Galway, it was not a horrendously expensive instrument, which is why we bought it... for fella to learn on and see how he got on. He's getting rather good!

open mike.... I don't mind the blink blink bong bong bling wing clunk noises as long as they are in tune... ;-)

So, thanks all... we'll keep you posted, any further suggestions will be gratefull taken on and tried out.

All the best

Ella and the fella