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Posted By: George Papavgeris
27-Apr-04 - 04:35 AM
Thread Name: Who's Eric Bogle?
Subject: RE: Who´s Eric Bogle?
Brilliant songwriter. My own favourites are:

a) "As if he knows", telling the story of how, at the end of WWI, the Aussie Cavalry had to kill their own horses (which they had been asked to take along to war) because the state wouldn't pay for the cost to repatriate them. Each soldier would have to kill his mate's horse, so that nobody had to kill their own four-legged comrade.

b) "The gift of years", telling of a visit to the Dardanelles of a veteran of the war there, 70 years on, and "talking" to his fallen comrades ("Well, mate, here I am..."). Never fails to cause me to blub helplessly.

He's no two-hit wonder, he's the real thing. Unpretentious, tells it as it is.