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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
27-Apr-04 - 10:12 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Accordion Harness
Subject: RE: Tech: Accordion Harness
We now have got two different theme threads entangled into one. I think I will ask Joe if he can seperate them, as well as link in the Accordion threads references.

Re the 'harness' problem.

1) Good straps are expensive and ones intended for heavy instruments have very wide shoulder fittings with deep padding. Narrow straps are either just 'cheapies' or are really intended for lighter instruments.

2) Backstraps are built into the commercially available good sets of straps - I have a couple and I can't undo myself, let alone do the clip up. I can't reach into the small of my back with enough power/control to manage it. I do know that some ladies resort to putting the bra on back to front, doing up the clip, then rotating it into place, then putting on the shoulder straps, but is not going to work with an accordion! If only the straps clip was on one side I could manage one-handed...

3) Floor stands do exist, but they are expensive.

4) A harness that puts the weight on the hips. Probably patentable, but realistically, (and I am a proponent of the weapon instrument myself) you won't sell many. It may have been patented before... I would be personally interested in looking at one, but I didn't buy the floor stand I saw because of the cost.

5) Smaller lighter instruments - this includes fewer basses, fewer reeds, minature construction, are what I prefer. I can get great sounds of of smaller instruments.

As regard to general Piano Accordion info -
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